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3D picture photo production considerations

Publish Time: 2017-02-06    Visit: 2440

If want 3D Pictures ,please choose Cangnan Dejia Plastic Print Co., Ltd. Stereoscopic technology training includes different types of image processing methods, in which three-dimensional photo technology is essential, three-dimensional photos and three-dimensional decorative paintings, three-dimensional advertising, although the same three-dimensional painting, in the picture selection and production is different, Photos are usually placed in the bedroom, the light is slightly worse, and then three-dimensional photos due to the limitations of space, only for a short distance to watch. So we choose the three-dimensional photos to be treated differently, the overall choice of three-dimensional photos are more demanding.

1. Due to lack of light, we choose the three-dimensional photos, try to avoid the darker color images, the preferred bright color, high saturation of the picture, so that the three-dimensional photos came out, in the dark areas Also can see relatively bright picture;

2. Similarly, due to the light transmittance through the grating plate, the finished three-dimensional picture brightness is only about 90% of the original, in order to restore the brightness as possible in the three-dimensional photo production process, the original plans to improve the brightness and saturation, Of course, for some white areas to increase the brightness and saturation operation will appear after the phenomenon of over-exposure, so to improve the scale to grasp, you can take regional operation methods appropriate to improve the brightness of each part of the region or saturation;

3. As the viewing distance is closer, clarity is the most important, in order to enhance the stereoscopic three-dimensional photos, the original photo processing is necessary, the specific method is in the original picture in the foreground and background to add the right match Color layers to decorate, an increase of level, three-dimensional natural will highlight;

4. Grating material selection, three-dimensional photos due to the viewing distance is slightly suitable for the choice of medium-line number of grating material, the proposed use of 25-40 line grating material,

5. Stereoscopic photos of the characters is always the most important, in order to achieve the highest clarity, usually the characters as a medium to deal with;


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