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What is lenticular printing

Publish Time: 2017-03-01    Visit: 2500

Three-dimensional printing, also called 3D lenticular printing, usually refers to the three-dimensional grating printing. It is used in a simulation of the human eye spacing can produce principle of spatial difference, different angles, different levels of pixel recorded in the photosensitive material, then using composite grating material, showing the three-dimensional effect in the two-dimensional plane image and virtual reality in this way, people without using any tools, directly through the eye observation can clearly feel the wonderful fun. 3D  stereo picture printing and three-dimensional map like on the computer to see the three-dimensional effect, but the three-dimensional printed out, because of the particularity of grating material, no need to wear stereo glasses, you can see the stereo effect!

3D Lenticular Print

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