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3D product market prospects

Publish Time: 2015-01-25    Visit: 2459

4 years ago, "Avatar" detonated the 3D movie market, but also detonated the "3D" a series of industries. Someone asked, 3D can continue to fire down? Reply must be yes: Yes! Throughout the domestic film market, 3D is still unusually hot, this year's Lunar New Year stalls in terms of "generation master", "Kung Fu" The two have been released films have also converted 3D release schedule. Throughout the country involved in the image of the various industries, many have launched 3D products. The future of 3D applications will be wider, in this trend, the need to wear glasses, 3D products is clearly limited to the deep. Then, naked eye 3D products into the people's vision. Naked eye 3D this property for the naked eye 3D products into the market has laid a solid foundation: television, mobile phones, large advertising light boxes, wedding photography, business cards, desk calendar and other flat images have also been printed on the naked eye 3D label.

But for most people, the naked eye 3D is still a strange concept. As did not many people would have thought would look at a 3D movie. And it is this feature, to seize the public curiosity of the psychological, traditional 2D products for enterprises, it is the introduction of naked eye 3D products an excellent opportunity. Imagine if a naked eye 3D ads and general advertising at the same time, the naked eye 3D wedding and ordinary wedding display at the same time ... ...

We think that the next 3 to 5 years will be the beginning of a major turning point in human life. Just like mobile phones, smart phones into the market fast, and perhaps someday, each mobile phone has increased the naked eye 3D mode, shelter light box advertising all replaced overnight naked eye 3D, each studio have launched naked eye 3D wedding sets system. Like today's film sessions, no 3D, no movies.

The state naked eye 3D industry standard-setting unit – Cangnan Dejia Plastic Print Co., Ltd. focus on 3D technology research and development for 20 years, its involvement in 3D three-dimensional wedding photography, 3D three-dimensional advertising applications, and other fields, and has a world-class 3D technology R & D and production team, the company has 3D technology research and development and application of the field has made significant technological breakthroughs and access to a number of patents.

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