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3D lenticular postcard for the The 2017 Strawberry Music Festival

Publish Time: 2017-06-15    Visit: 2384

The 2017 Strawberry Music Festival was hold in Shanghai World Exhibition Park from April 29 to May 1st.  The theme of the festival was “The Loners Parade”. 

To make people have a better way to know and join the festival, Dejia 3D launched a unique product for them---3D lenticular postcard

this lenticular postcard  was designed with flips effect. It will view change from different angel .

Which full embodied the theme of the festival. When people see the lenticular postcard,the first impression was:“wow,  it is amazing ”.

 Music  bring the Hearing enjoyment,3D Lenticular Postcard  let the    visual impact

 For next festival, Dejia will  offering more special 3D lenticular cards for you

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